Social Media Policy

Arbor Bank's social media policy includes the following:

  • Arbor Bank retains the right to terminate page access if a fan or follower chooses to upload or make accessible infringing or inappropriate content.
  • Any inappropriate content will be deleted from the pages, including but not limited to: offensive language, links or photos, and derogatory/non-constructive comments.
  • Social media users should be aware that no personal mortgage or banking information should be shared on our social media sites.

Arbor Bank will occasionally post photographs taken at bank-sponsored and/or local events on our Facebook page. It is Arbor Bank's policy to not tag individuals in photos, but to allow other users to tag themselves and others in photos if they wish. To request an image be removed from Arbor Bank's Facebook page, please call or contact us directly. Be sure to include specific photo details, the reason you want the photo removed, and your contact information (name, email address and phone number) for immediate consideration.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Social Media Policy and/or practices, please call 800-472-3388 or send an email to: